Thursday, March 27, 2014

First Kids Leading the Way

Our first through sixth graders will be showcasing the musical from the upcoming Vacation Bible School curriculum for the Atlantic Baptist Association VBS Training Event on Thursday, April 10th. The training will take place here at First Baptist from 6:30 until 8:00 pm. All of our adult and youth VBS leaders are encouraged to attend. Our children, under the direction of Jessica Cruz, will share selections from the Agency D3 musical with our attendees. The children will be 'cleared' to leave by 7:00 pm.

Our Preteens are practicing each Wednesday night from 6:00 - 7:00 pm and all our kids are practicing with Jessica at the close of their Sunday School class. This practice takes place in the Family Life Center from 10:30 until 10:55 am March 30th and April 6th.

Thank you for allowing your child to participate! They are truly serving as they lead our Vacation Bible School conference!

See you April 10th

Monday, March 3, 2014

What Does the Clock Say?!

Daylight Saving Time This Sunday

How are we going to be on time this Sunday when we have to spring forward one hour? See if your kids don't enjoy this great spoof on the popular song, “What Does the Fox Say?”  If your kids are like most, they have all the lyrics memorized and sing it all the time.  This is sure to get their attention.  Thanks to Sermon Spice for this video fun!  Let’s join forces and tell our friends “What Does the Clock Say?” so you can spring forward one hour and get yourself to church on time!!

Sunday, March 2, 2014

Preschool Choir

Wonderfully Made

This morning during our 8:45 Worship Service our Preschool Choir shared with the congregation the song "Wonderfully Made." What a joy to see (and hear) our little ones participate in worship.

What's A Parents' Night Out?

Parents Night February

PNO provides moms and dads a couple of hours for a date night (or a nap) without having to prepare anything at home for a babysitter. Also, while mom and dad are away, the children get to play! PNO is for babies through fourth graders, and each age group is staffed and prepared specifically for that age. Every PNO includes a snack, planned activities, and lots of fun! This Friday night while our preschoolers had the Family Life Center for riding toys, basketball, and fun our elementary kids went to Accidental Artist and Cow CafĂ©. We had a great time and I would like to thank some amazing volunteers: Beverly Leathers who rocked our babies, Hannah Garner and Alison Wynn who helped with our toddlers and Emily, Lauren and Savannah who assisted our budding artists! Thanks guys for making PNO the very best night out for our First Baptist Kids.